Our identity systems products offer a wide array of solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Our patented ID Check® software seamlessly integrates into a variety of applications, from loyalty card enrollment to credit card applications, we offer the identity solution for your business.

ID Check®

ID Check® has revolutionized driver license applications. As the leader in driver license scanning technology, our ID Check software instantly reads and verifies the data encoded in driver licenses – all in under one second.

ID Check is easily and seamlessly integrated into existing retail applications – often right at the Point of Sale system. With a simple integration, our clients can now utilize a scan of their customer's driver license or ID to quickly automate a store loyalty card application or apply for store credit cards – all in a matter of a few seconds.

Virtually any retail application that requires an ID to be presented can benefit from ID Check, be it: Age Verification for alcohol or tobacco sales, Rental Car terminals, or Pharmacies – ID Check can help streamline operations and speed up your customer's experience – safely and securely.

For more information on ID Check, please download our brochure.

ID Risk Check™

ID Risk Check™ technology is the premier fraud and risk management tool. Building upon Intellicheck Mobilisa's proven ID Check® technology, ID Risk Check™ offers ID validation and authentication services, along with fraud risk and velocity controls. Tied in with proprietary analytical models, ID Risk Check™ reduces fraud, and minimizes the risks of identity theft.

ID Risk Check™ was developed specifically to meet the needs of fraud and loss prevention in retail applications. Using proprietary algorithms, ID Risk Check™ compares sales and return data to determine areas of potential fraud—all with a simple swipe of a driver license.

Age Verification Systems

Utilizing our ID Check® software, ICMOBIL's age verification products have transformed the industry, allowing our customers to be more responsive and proactive in following age verification laws and regulations. Our products have been implemented in a wide array of industries, from bars and nightclubs, to retail stores and casinos. Whatever your need for age verification software and hardware may be, we are confident we have the solution to meet your needs.