Aegeus Wireless Buoy System

Intellicheck Mobilisa (ICMOBIL) has developed the next generation wireless network technology and systems, offering complete wireless solutions for virtually any application, in any environment.

Aegeus Wireless Buoy System

Intellicheck Mobilisa’s Aegeus (EE-GEE-US), a wireless buoy system, is intended for environmental and security applications. This multi-purpose system is capable of wirelessly connecting to buoys deployed throughout the coastal waters, and has networking capabilities designed to allow the upload and monitoring of data back on shore.

Outfitted with a variety of available environmental sensors, this complex network of buoys communicates in real time current water conditions, marine weather, ship traffic and the presence of any number of environmental contaminants.

The Aegeus Buoy Project is a fully scalable multi-purpose system with environmental and security applications. It uses Intellicheck Mobilisa’s exclusive technology, and is:

  • An anti-terrorism asset for Homeland Defense
  • A deployable asset for providing fleet support
  • An environmental asset that meets requirements for environmental protection

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