ID Check® software automates bank account set-up, accurately captures client information, while helping to authenticate identification.

ID Check® for Banking

ID Check® is a hosted software service that reads and verifies the barcode data encoded in driver's licenses in seconds. This capability allows bank tellers to scan the barcode on US and Canadian driver's licenses in order to automatically and accurately populate client account profiles and help authenticate ID cards.

MexiScan is an add-on for ID Check that allows bank tellers to scan several different formats of identification cards issued by the Mexican government.


  • Automates bank account data entry process.
  • Shorter wait for customers.
  • Helps authenticate ID cards.
  • Reduces the risk of fraudulent account set-up.
  • Reduces keystroke errors. (An average of one in 300 manual keystrokes is an error.)
  • Helps prevent fraudulent check cashing.
  • Easily integrates with smartphone and other mobile device interfaces.
  • State Aware Software add-on available to ensure compliance with individual state ID use laws.
  • MexiScan add-on available to read Mexican driver's licenses and ID cards.
  • PII sensitive. No customer information is saved, shared, or stored by Intellicheck Mobilisa.
  • Dedicated customer support 24/7/365.

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ID Check is a software service that easily interfaces with existing teller system applications and hardware. It can also be used from any mobile device using the device's camera to scan the barcode.

Other Applications for ID Check:

  • Store credit applications.
  • Loyalty card applications.
  • Rental car & truck registration.
  • Pharmaceutical purchase monitoring.
  • Age verification for alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.
  • Hotel check-in.

ID Check can be used for fast, safe, and accurate data collection wherever a keyboard or mobile device is used such as hospital registration, event registration, retail guest greeting, and corporate security guest registration.

In addition to ID Check software, Intellicheck Mobilisa provides and supports several hardware options or can be integrated with existing equipment:

  • 2D barcode scanners that read PDF-417 barcodes.
  • Mobile devices with a camera and Internet access.
Sarah McHugh

For more information about ID Check for Financial, contact Sarah McHugh, Vice President of Sales, at 360.390.4827, Or contact 888.9icmobile (888.942.6245).