Age ID

Age ID Age™

Age ID reads and confirms the barcode data encoded on driver's licenses helping age-regulated businesses to instantly confirm age and verify the authenticity of ID cards.

It only takes one instance of serving alcohol to a minor to create a big, expensive, embarrassing mess in your life!

  • You are criminally liable if you serve alcohol to a minor. Fines up to $4000. Jail up to 18 months.*
  • It is a felony offense to serve an underage guest who then harms another. Fines up to $15,000. Jail up to 8 years.* 
  • "Dram shop" laws mean your business can be fined and lose your liquor license for server violations.
    *Fines and jail terms vary. Check your local Liquor Control Commission for information about your state's penalties. 

Age ID protects you from the expense, hassle, and embarrassment of a conviction while taking the mental gymnastics out of calculating age.

Simply aim your smartphone's camera at the barcode on a driver's license to instantly verify age, authenticate ID, and track your compliance for law enforcement and liquor control commissions.  Age ID comes with Intellicheck Mobilisa’s patented ID Check software that reads and verifies the information encoded on driver's licenses and government issued IDs. 


What if this happened to you...

A waitress was clearly guilty of a felony for providing alcohol to an underage Jacob Dickmeyer in the moments before he drove drunk and died on West Dodge Road, a juror said Thursday.
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Officers and underage confidential informants went into 18 restaurants and gas stations during the last week of 2013. "It lets businesses, business owners, and employees know that if they sell to minors, there's a good chance they're going to get caught," Sgt. Warner said.
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Lori Alexander was working at a local bar and grill. "I had been bartending for about two weeks, and that's when they first started doing the liquor stings. And I was 'stung.'" Alexander failed to check the ID of a minor who was working with police, and charged with supplying alcohol to a minor, a misdemeanor that's stuck with her ever since. "It's an unfortunate situation where I happen to be paying for it years and years later,” Alexander said.
~ From ABC News

"The clerk is the person who's ultimately responsible for it. They're the ones who failed to check an ID so they're charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor," Walsh said. But it's the business owner who could ultimately pay the price.
~ From ABC News

A clerk or bartender can face a hefty fine and the business can temporarily lose its liquor license. So there's a lot at stake by not carding customers. "I like my job, so I'm not going to mess it up because I can't ask for someone's ID. It's not very hard. If they get mad at you, it's not your fault, you're just doing your job," Shabino said.
~ From KELOLAND News


For more information about Age ID, contact or dial 360.344.3233.