SEC Filings

SEC Filings

To view Intellicheck Mobilisa's SEC filings please visit the SEC website.

Interactive Data Filings (XBRL)

View our Form 10-Q and Form 10-K filings in an interactive data format — the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). Learn more about XBRL, or download our filings below.

In order to read our interactive data filings, you will need an XBRL viewer such as the viewer provided by the SEC at

Q1 2015

Q4 2014

Q3 2014

Q2 2014

Q1 2014

Q4 2013

Q3 2013

Q2 2013

Q1 2013

Q4 Year End 2012

Q4 2012

Q3 2012

Q2 2012

Q1 2012

Q4 Year End 2011

Q3 2011

Q2 2011

Q1 2011