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Intellicheck Mobilisa (NYSE MKT: IDN),headquartered in Port Townsend, Washington, is a leader in identity authentication, validation and situational awareness solutions. With both mobile, handheld and fixed access control and security solutions, Intellicheck's products support customers in the national defense, government, law enforcement, retail, financial, hospitality and commercial markets. Products include Defense ID®, an advanced ID card access control product currently protecting military bases and secure federal locations; Retail ID™, designed to improve the customer experience for the retail sectors; Age ID™, helping age-regulated businesses to instantly confirm age and verify the authenticity of ID cards, and Law ID™, the industry's most accurate and up-to-date solution authenticating the identification of an unknown contact immediately and accurately using a smart phone or tablet. The Company’s products scan, authenticate and analyze components of identity documents including driver licenses, military identification cards and other government forms of identification. This information can be used to reduce fraud, increase security, create situational awareness, do away with manual errors and increase efficiencies across markets and their respective processes. For more information on Intellicheck Mobilisa and ICMOBIL, please visit

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