About Us

With over 18 years of industry-leading products and services, ICMOBIL offers a multitude of applications to meet our customer’s requirements. Our patented technologies have been tailored to meet the growing demands surrounding the industry.

Intellicheck Mobilisa (ICMOBIL) was founded in 1994, building a strong patent portfolio in driver license reading technologies. Initially focused on age verification for bars and nightclubs, the Company quickly realized the broader applications this technology offered. Through strategic planning and growth initiatives, the Company has built a strong customer base centered on its technologies, with numerous Fortune 500 companies now employing ICMOBIL’s technology solutions.

The Company continues to expand its intellectual property, building a strong patent portfolio with 9 US, 2 Canadian and 1 UK patent, along with 11 Patents Pending. With strategic growth initiatives in place, ICMOBIL remains focused on growing the Company’s customer base. With Enterprise Licensing Agreements focused on reading, validating and authenticating driver licenses, the Company is positioned to implement solutions quickly to suit all industry needs.